Amir Agaev x Robert Euwe collaborating to create the perfect painting

januari 27, 2021

A fresh start of 2021 for Robert Euwe and Amir Agaev, who started their collaboration in January. Agaev, a talented photographer and instagram phenomenon, joined forces with hyper-realism painter Robert Euwe to create some promising artistic work.

Amir is a well know fashion photographer and artist currently based in Bali. His versatile portfolio includes models of all colors draped in the striking blues and greens of Bali’s forests and oceans. Amir is known for his emphasis on warm tones and polished, high fashion editorials, and spends a lot of his time biking the Indonesian island for inspiration for his next projects.

Now Agaev and Euwe are combining their artistic talents to create the perfect painting. With great precision, eye for detail, and months of preparation they are shooting a series of intriguing photos in Bali, that Robert will subsequently paint hyper-realistically on large canvasses. These will be the most technically challenging paintings Euwe has done so far. Hundreds of hours of skilled craftsmanship will go into these works to put emphasis on every tiny skin detail and to covey Amir’s soft signature Bali tones.

Stay tuned!

Check out Amir’s instagram: @amiragaev