“A colour of the angels, or the absence of colours altogether, white is celestial and sacred. Associated to everything heavenly, the colour white is pure and transcendent. White feels angelic, almost godlike, so pure that it brings a feeling of instant calmness to the observer. White feels like an eternal daydream, started years ago in a dream in your childhood bedroom, still carrying the splendid feeling of innocence.”

ISHA is an important puzzle piece in the “Perception” mosaic.
Like the white chrysanthemums, ISHA is the symbol of truth and purity. Times like these, times of uncertainty and worldly turmoil, purity is especially valuable. ISHA represents someone who wants to do good for the tortured world, someone who is a breath of fresh air, whose movements are effortless and well-intended. She believes in life and rebirth and lives her life sincerely, all in the name of candor. ISHA, with her positive outlook on the world, easily earns your trust and keeps it in a safe space inside her heart shaped locket.



TitlePURITYMediumOil paintMaterialLinen on aluminiumFramingBlack wooden floater frameSize140 x 175 cmLTD EditionUniquePriceOn request


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