Marble Sculpture

Robert’s first sculpture took over one year make.

This 300kg sculpture is made out of one solid piece of Statuario Michelange marble. Coming from the same quarry as where Michelangelo himself got his marble for the David sculpture.

The material is challenging to work with, especially when sculpting the elements of the flower petals and stems, and requires hours of detail-oriented work. After many months of modeling and sampling, Robert and his team found out the flower leaves could be as thin as 2mm before they would break. Due to the complexity of creating life-like shapes of delicate flowers and the high risk of the stone breaking apart if the petals are too thin, rarely will you come across artists making flowers out of marble.

The “Perception” project depicts a journey from a photograph to a painting and then to a sculpture, giving the idea a permission to travel through multiple dimensions, finally culminating in an object that is tangible and three dimensional, giving the viewer an impression of fluidity.


TitleMarble Sculpture MediumNatural stone MaterialStatuario MichelangeloSize80cm 300kg Priceon request


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